VRtist is Virtual Reality tool for storytelling created by Ubisoft (former partner) .

The software has been open sourced to promote collaboration, to allow more people to work with VRtist and participate to its improving and development. VRtist is running within the Unity game engine and can be linked to Blender.

Directors as well as artists can setup a 3D scene and be immersed into the virtual world, allowing them to have a better understanding of the 3D scene.

A series of videos presenting VRtist features is available on YouTube here and the software is available here GitHub.

The main VRtist features are

Set dressing

Import 3D objects and compose the virtual set

Camera placement

Be able to naturally move around and find the best camera angles.


Use the record mode or key frames to create animation. The 3D motion paths are visible and can be edited very intuitively.

Live Sync

Export the final scene to 3D DCC (live synch with Blender).


Use gradient sky or fine-tune the lighting using lights (directional, point and cone). Setup the shadows.

Advanced Camera

Advanced camera setting with the physical attributes including depth of field.

Nonlinear Editing

Nonlinear editing using multi-camera footages.


Mixer is a Blender addon for real time collaboration in Blender. It allows multiple Blender users to work on the same scene at the same time and is developed by the R&D department of Ubisoft Animation Studio (former partner).

Mixer synchronizes in real time the modifications done to the scene and the objects it contains. During a collaboration session, Mixer displays the position of other participants and highlights their selections. 

A series of videos presenting Mixer features is available on YouTube here and the software is available here GitHub.