The INVICTUS Project

INVICTUS (Innovative Volumetric Capture and Editing Tools for Ubiquitous Storytelling) Project aims at delivering innovative authoring tools for the creation of a new generation of high- fidelity avatars (numerical representations of real humans) and the integration of these avatars in interactive and non- interactive narratives (movies, games, AR+VR immersive productions).

The INVICTUS project proposes to

1. Exploit the full potential of recent volumetric motion capture technologies that consist in capturing simultaneously the appearance (shape, texture, material) and motion of actors using simple RGB cameras to create volumetric avatars.​

2. Rely on these technologies to design narratives using novel collaborative VR authoring tools.

INVICTUS proposes the design of three innovative authoring tools

girl-with-vr-virtual-reality-360-headset-video-gaming-moody-vibe-with-teal-color_t20_bxA1gB (1)

1. High-Resolution Volumetric Capture

A tool to perform high-resolution volumetric captures of both appearance and motion of characters and that will enable their exploitation in both high-end off-line productions (film quality) and real-time rendering productions. This will ease high-fidelity content creation and reduce costs through less manual labour.

Volumetric Studio 1

2. Edit High-Fidelity Volumetric Appearance

A tool to perform edits on high-fidelity volumetric appearances and motions, such as transferring shapes between characters, performing stylization of appearance, adapting and transferring motions. This will reduce manual labour and improve fidelity.

3. Story Authoring Tool

A story authoring tool that will build on VR interactive technologies to plunge storytellers in virtual representations of their stories to edit decors, layouts and animated characters, improving productivity and creativity.

The INVICTUS project will open opportunities in the EU market

By demonstrating and communicating on how these technologies can be immediately exploited in both traditional media (films/animation) and novel media (VR + AR) narratives, the INVICTUS project will open opportunities in the EU market for more compelling, immersive and personalized visual experiences, at the crossroads of film and game entertainment.


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