INVICTUS is a collaborative project funded by the Horizon 2020 program, aiming at delivering innovative authoring tools for the creation of a new generation of high-fidelity avatars and their integration in interactive and non-interactive narratives such as movies, video games or Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality immersive productions.

The INVICTUS Project

Our Ambition

Volumetric Motion and Appearance Avatarisation Tool

  • Create realistic representations of human that can be edited and animated.
  • Design automated tools for capturing and robustly reconstructing highly natural human models, also in the presence of sophisticated surface materials and occlusions.

Avatar Editing Tool

  • Build a compelling ready to use, plug and play volumetric representation of digital human or stylized digital human with animation controls.
  • Design automatic tool with manual intervention controllers to enable iteration and modification of the appearance by Artist.

VR Storytelling Tool

  • Extend VR editing with collaborative layout, shooting and lighting.
  • Provide creatives with spatio-temporal manipulation of volumetric captured animations.

Latest News

Volumetric video datasets released by our partners Volograms are now available for download!​

Our partners Volograms have released some volumetric video datasets that were used as test material for MPEG standardisation efforts. These datasets are part of the dissemination activities of the project and can be used for non-commercial purposes by the wider research community.